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Zuken Conference '14

Vital Sines attended the Zuken annual conference at Warwick University in May and it was a very well organised and interesting couple of days. As well as getting up-to-date with the latest Cadstar developments and future road map there was a tour of the University's R&D and manufacturing buildings.

It was revealed that Cadstar will be taking a very 'Windows' inspired GUI direction in the coming years, which while this doesn't fill me with joy, it seems sensible to make the tool appear as familiar as possible to new users. The integration of PREditor into the Cadstar front end will be a welcome enhancement in the next few years. Overall the continued development looks encouraging.

Warwick Univeristy is a fantastic place for engineering and the R&D work being done into battery technology, engine development and 3D simulation is cutting edge. Students were seen designing and building complete motor vehicles within a state-of-the-art prototype production line. Walking around a virtual reality Jaguar sports car and stepping into a 3D interior wasn't something I thought I'd be doing on day 1! If you ever get the chance to attend an event there I would thoroughly recommend it.

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