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Getting control of the design

One of the things that we like most about Cadstar and Altium here at Vital Sines is the ease at which we can control the critical features of your signals. Whether it's setting the net Attributes in Cadstar or the Rules table in Altium, each and every net can be given special treatment.

The most commonly used controls are:

- track width; for higher current or controlled impedance

- clearance; for high voltage or crosstalk concerns

- net length; for timing issues

- via selection; for high current nets

- differential pair settings

These rules can be set at the schematic and/or layout stages of the design so that you can have control at the stage that best suits you.

The extra set-up time required for the design is soon made up for, ten-fold, when that last track goes in and none of the nets require modifying! It's all taken care of by default, we can create the job outputs with confidence and nothing is left to chance!

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