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Building a Strong PCB Supply Chain

We've been stepping up our PCB fabrication and assembly services that we provide here at Vital Sines thanks to increased demand from our customers. This has meant that the links with our superb suppliers is just going from strength to strength. Over the years we have tried and tested most of the main PCB fabricators and assemblers in the UK and as such have been able to pick the most suitable for our customers.

Overall the UK has great PCB manufacturers who cater for all levels of technology. We like to use UK suppliers as much as possible here, but for some of our customers price has become the overriding influence for their products. Finding a reliable, high quality off-shore supplier of PCBs with quick delivery and the best prices took some time but we now have a fantastic working relationship with an excellent supplier.

We keep our PCB assembly services local so that we can call-in and help out with any queries as quickly as possible, and we happen to have some of the best PCB Assembly facilities here in the South.

We recently had a full PCB assembly delivered in under 2 weeks, which included off-shore bare-boards, parts acquisition and SM assembly! The boards worked well with no issues and we have a very happy customer!

Let us quote for the full PCB Assembly on your next project and prepare to be impressed!

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